someday perhaps to be seen on Twitter?

If you have never answered a Twitter poll, this page is not going to make much sense.


Can you remember a time when you believed in Santa Claus? Not do you know you once believed, but do you actually remember believing.

  1. no
  2. yes
  3. maybe
  4. it's complicated


Which of these is NOT a reason people want to be POTUS?

  1. Good job, good pay
  2. Want legacy of good works
  3. Blind ambition
  4. Corruption pays well

When you say A and B differ, do you say,

  1. A is different from B
  2. A is different than B
  3. A is different to B
  4. Let's call the whole thing off


Regarding bad drivers, would you rather be

  1. following them
  2. followed by them
  3. Don't care
  4. Driver? 🤔


If in-person meeting is a piece of fresh fruit, on-line meeting is,

  1. a day old fruit.
  2. a canned fruit.
  3. a piece of artificially fruit flavored candy.
  4. a bowl of fresh fruit.🍒


Best thing about pandemic masks

  1. Slowing the spread
  2. Protecting people
  3. Nothing good about masks
  4. Freely frowning, giving no offense

Worst thing about pandemic masks

  1. Lowers blood oxygen
  2. Raises blood carbon dioxide
  3. Doesn't work
  4. Hides my friendly smile

The "critical" in "critical race theory" means

  1. importance, as in critical care
  2. criticizing something
  3. where something changes, as in critical point or critical mass
  4. something else

Which one is not like the others?

  1. Polyhedron
  2. Polynomial
  3. Polyglot
  4. Polymath

...and what is different about that one?

  1. it is not mathematical
  2. it does not really exist
  3. it is misspelled
  4. I have no clue

Reasons you have walked out on a movie

  1. It was offensive
  2. It was boring, poorly made
  3. both of above
  4. Never walked out

Best place to staple the pages

  1. Anywhere.
  2. Any corner.
  3. Top left corner.
  4. Within the intersection of the top and left margins, when held in portrait orientation.

As an agnostic, or supposing you became agnostic, you would most likely believe,

  1. No one knows for sure whether God exists.
  2. No one can ever know whether God exists.
  3. It is better not to try to figure out whether God exists.
  4. This poll needs to be clarified before I choose one of those answers.

Voting in elections is valuable as

  1. the chance that your vote changes the result towards your preferred outcome.
  2. a cultural anthropological ritual.
  3. an altruistic act.
  4. - sorry, not valuable at all.

Voting in twitter polls is

  1. entertainment.
  2. a way to influence people.
  3. altruistic, adding to our information store.
  4. a waste of time.

Nature vs nurture

  1. Nature
  2. Nurture
  3. Both
  4. Neither (how?)